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    I bought my first Lilliput from a Chinese dealer for around $240 and mounted that one in my dash, it took a while but i recieved it. I bought my second one for $304, which took less than a week to recieve. Before mounting it into my headliner (pictures to come), i tested the display to make sure it worked before tearing it apart. After assembling the display, all i got was a white screen. Trying to get support from a Chinese dealer is almost impossible, and getting support from the other dealer, well .. he cant help me because i took it apart.

    After reading a couple of hundred of posts here, I called and even tho i didnt buy anything from him, he helped me figure it out. I was so impressed with his support i puchased a third Lilluput thru digitalww, which will go into my girlfriends car.

    My feelings on all of this is, I'm doing things here that arent recommended by the manufacture, and knowing me, i'm going to need support and when i do, i know where to get it.

    Support your local dealer, you're going to need it!
    Dual Lilliput's 70NP/C/T
    Syntax SV266AD KT266A
    AMD Athlon XP 2000
    Viking 256MB DDR
    D-Link Wireless 802.11B
    Seagate 120GB
    OrbitMicro 250W DC/DC converter
    SII Wireless Audio Link
    Digimoto OBD-II
    Earthmate GPS
    BU-303 USB GPS
    D-Link Bluetooth