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Front Panel LCDs/VFDs?

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  • Front Panel LCDs/VFDs?

    What are some good LCDs or VFDs?

    I am referring to the types that are typically mounted in a spare drive bay of a computer tower. I am planning on having several of these throughout my car. For example, current song information showing in the backseat or something like that.

    What are some good specific LCDs or VFDs I can ?

    Maybe some sites or online stores where I can shop around?

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    Oh, BTW, I've already seen

    Those seem to be the best solution so far, but they look somewhat plain.

    I was looking one more along the lines of something like this but I've yet to find more info on this online. Can anyone shed some light?
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      Have you tried

      They have some nice standard text ones and some fancy graphical ones.


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        I've just spent last two days researching the same thing and finally decided to go with the new v2.0 crystalfontz 4x20.

        It's jampacked with features / ability to customize boot screens / easy switch between screens, etc.

        Going go order it over the phone later today. Their shipping calculator for online orders is a pain for international shipments.

        *One nice thing about matrix is that they actually give you a %50 discount if you get a signed copy proving that you are a student at... from your university/proff. I thought that's pretty neat. Unfortunately I'm on a coop term right now, so not gonna bother. But once i get back, you can bet I'm going to take advantage of it!
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          I'm more interested in the crystalfontz graphic lcds.

          Do you know how they can be interfaced with a computer? Serial? USB?
          They have text ones with rugged external USB enclosures... would those work for the graphical LCDs as well?


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            I'd go with a Noritake CU20025ECPB-U1J (a few on ebay) if you want to go the character route, or the Noritake 800 series GU128x64 graphic VFD module. The hook up for the character module is pretty standard and can be found all over the net for either parallel or serial. For the graphic module, it can be connected over parallel. explains this pretty well.

            I like the graphic better than the character module, but it's not the easiest thing to set up, unlike the character module which can pretty much be accomplished in an hour with an old printer cable.

            Graphic VFD is usually around $50 off ebay (when they have them available) and the character module is usually around $20 off ebay.

            One last note, if you're ambitious, rip apart one of these for the screen and buttons -
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