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Starvision Power Regulation?

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  • Starvision Power Regulation?

    Does the Starvision LCD need Power Regulation for +12v in?

    I have it hooked up right now to the Cigarette lighter (I bought a $5 adapater from Radio Shack), and I don't think it does any regulation, and it seems to work just fine.


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    Until you start your car and rev the engine, Then everything goes Pooftah. I used an unregulated 12v power supply and it works liked a champ until I started the car and drove down the road about a mile then the computer would never post again because the motherboard was gone. Beware!


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      sq get a regulated ps. Im using the one where you can switch the output voltage and it works great. I wouldnt connect it to the cig lighter either. It sometimes creats background noise. Use a fuse tap and connect it to the fuse box. Use the radio fuse.


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        raw car voltage can easily spike all the way to 18v and drop down to about 9V. That will kill just about anything quite quickly. Even the cheapest 5$ regulator offers decent protection as long as you don't reverse the polarity (good laptop adapters are fool proof and even if you short something it will likely protect your equipment. but those usually run off 120v).
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        Wow.. how things have changed in 4 years. Gone are the days of mcgyver and datalux


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          Well I plan to run my LCD power off my ITPS which is a +12v regulator; HOWEVER, I was told by someone on this board that the ITPS cannot keep up with supplying power to the LCD *AND* the carputer.. In this case, I need to "solder the bump" and disable the regulator.. eek.

          I might just buy another ITPS for the LCD.. *shrug*

          What really gets me is this "Egg" thing that the Lilliput comes with. Why doesn't the Starvision have one and why can't I buy one and hook it up to the Starvision??