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Comprehensive guide for Original Sony PSX LCD (PAL) - VGA MOD via Matrox G200

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  • Comprehensive guide for Original Sony PSX LCD (PAL) - VGA MOD via Matrox G200

    I've searched in almost all the threads available on this topic but either pictures are missing or people after successfull hack forget to share the knowledge but I couldn't find any meanigful thread covering:

    Original Sony PSX LCD (PAL) - Successfull VGA MOD via Matrox G200

    Please, those who made it work, share your secret :@ )
    Some of you wrote that you somewhat combined Starfox's and other designs
    and put resitor here and there but failed to provide details..

    Thank you very much not only for myself but for any future
    solution seeker!
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    I am doing the exact same mod with the Matrox G200. I have not started on it yet, as I'm waiting on an HD15 VGA header to come in.

    Though software wise I won't be able to help you out (unless it's for timings and such), as I'm doing this through's linux server.


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      Hey good luck with the linux settings.

      Well, after tweaking it for a while I can't get a good picture.
      I'm afraid that the settings in Starfox's tutorial are only related to
      the ATI cards because I can get a stable picture with visible cursor but the
      rest of the screen is somewhat badly interlaced but I can see by the
      color when switching windows on desktop that the picture is there..
      (I can't get the exact freqeuncies shown in tutorials only very close to them)

      In the second case I don't use interlaced so I see the picture
      but it is scrolling pretty fast and I can't get it stop -> playing
      with all the vertical & pixel clock setting and still no go..

      Please, is there anybody who had successfully used this combination
      of PAL psone lcd and matrox g200 in 720x576?!?
      Please, share your setting here.
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        I had my screen set up in windows and linux nicely. That is using the Millenium G200 (8MB agp) video card on a 5" Sony NTSC screen. In powerstrip it should give you options for interlace and use composite sync.

        I followed the diagram in this tutorial to wire it up:

        I completely ignored the visual, as it does not represent the wiring guide accurately. I believe it is the same for PAL/NTSC. Then when tweaking it in powerstrip, I used arcade mode with interlace and csync enabled. I then used the fine tune controls (arrows and whatnot) to adjust the picture so that it used the entire screen. My settings for linux are in this thread:

        that was using the matrox framebuffer. X then used those settings along with interlace, csync enabled. I'm sure the picture could be better with more tweaking... I'm still figuring out the software portion of the whole thing. People do not seem to count that in their build times ;p

        Edit: The screen model number I'm using is SCPH131, I believe it is an NTSC screen... though I may be wrong.


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          Thanks for your input but you have got the ntsc version for sure.
          The pal version works only in 720x576.. I'm using
          matrox g200 because innitially I thought it is the easiest route to go but
          I didn't realize there is a big difference between pal and ntsc versions though.
          Anyway, after some experimenting I found out that at 24bit (starfox's)
          settings sent me almost there but the left part of the display is again with
          some artifacts.. Strangely enough, at 16bit or 32depth I can see clearly
          only the cursor while rest of the desktop is badly interlaced..
          So I have the impression that it is basically able to function knowing the
          exact setting but my combination (pal&g200) is probably very rare so nobody knows. In case I couldn't make it I'd have to buy either radeon 9000 or 9800 (most probably other ati9xxx will work as well) at least these two cards function with PAL version psone 100%..
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            If you see a cursor, and the rest of the display is garbled, that would be the same as what i could get with a Radeon 9200SE. The display i saw on my PSOne display looked like the driver authors screwed up their bitmap alignment (dword misaligned or something) for non-standard video modes. I gave up trying to get it working on that video card..

            Btw, just a question for people using or XFree86, how do you set composite sync on? I couldn't find anything in the man pages or on google about it.


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              ..been there, done that..bought the t-shirt,... save your frustration my friend.

              instead of buying a new expensive video cards just to suit the mod on psone lcd.... freeze, halt, and think differently for a while...

              it would be better to use that money and get a vga to composite converter. it's cheaper, safer, and wiser. before you break that lcd into pieces and get messy. i've got mine for au$99. small and powered thru usb. easy to connect the video is clear and the setup is neat and straightforward pretty much like having a normal monitor, no powerstrip and unlike the mod, fires up as soon as you turn on the computer.

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                Hey thanks for the replies. However my primary application is cheap vga projector based on inexpensive hqi lamp in the neighborhood of 150Euro for the whole project and the vga picture is the only problem for now. I could go with scart or av in but that's not the best picture quality you can get from this psone baby besides I just want to have it connected to htpc not some dummy standalone dvd player. So convertor would be a rather extra option for me.

                Starfox> did you experienced something similar with regard to the 24bit depth option mentioned as well? The picture is almost perfect only the left half is corrupted.. I found some good bargains on ati 9000pro which version did you used 64megs ram or 128 MB? What a pitty thart the g200 can't work as nicely in PAL as it performs in NTSC res..

                Btw. give a try to those german mods (always on, red & brightness corrections) they work great and the picture is a whole lot better then..

                I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for regarding Linux but this chap
                Diginom has some results but he has got ntsc display:

                Wheather&traffic updates freak..


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                  I just use connectix PS1 emulator and PS1 to USB converter to get the controls and I run it off my PC

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                    Danon, do you have a screen shot of the desktop, Winamp playing, and/or GPS app?
                    I would like to compare how is the quality of the Composite video on the PSOne compare to VGA Modded.
                    I want to do Composite video as well (switchable) because I need to see the boot up process. If my HD having problem and/or any reason that windows can't boot, the system is USELESS.
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                      Hello everyone, i'm new to the forum, but have been leaching info for a month or so.

                      Just to say i have got a working car pc install using a compaq G200 agp, and a PAL psone screen on the 720 x 576 resolution.

                      The top left of the display was a bit off with starfox's timings, but after playing around i got it perfect. I can publish these timings if anybody still needs them.

                      I used the straight wiring method a la starfox and kissassamd guy, but had to wire the +5v to the board as my cable didn't have that pin. there was a little transistor on the board which had 5v, and i just used a random high resistance resistor (mean't for current protecting an led).

                      The MAIN point to note with the G200 is that it WILL NOT work without getting the latest drivers, as it does not accept the 720x576 resolution in powerstrip with the standard windows ones.


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                        nVidia's latest drivers seem to now have provision for setting custom refresh rates and resolutions (however, no csync of course), so nVidia people might want to look at this. Maybe you won't have to *cough* buy *cough* powerstrip


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                          I tried to *cough* buy powerstrip and all it did was give me a porn dialer, and a trolley load of spyware. Might just buy it instead.


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                            I have the same problem, help me!, what are timings with matrox g200???


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                              Brunosso, this is also an old thread. Alot of these guys aren't even here anymore. Why not start your own thread?

                              Anyway, found some generic timings from Starfox when he was messing with a PAL PSone screen.


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