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What do you all think of this lcd mon.?

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  • What do you all think of this lcd mon.?

    I'm probably going to be buying this, just want to find out if its worth the money? And if i would need a controller? + how much would the controller be?

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    only Svideo ? but not VGA? but 800x600
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      umm is that a good thing or bad thing?
      would it look good and will the refresh rates be enough for a carputer?


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        It looks like whoever made the interface card made an Svideo to SVGA conversion. Seems like such a waste to use a VGA screen on a composite input.

        From everything I've heard, text and fine details are harder to see when it's not VGA.
        On that size screen, you might be okay, you'll just have to run a larger font size. It'll be fine for watching movies though.
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          And i think that the prices are very high....Really high
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