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Sharp LQ10DX01 10.4" Monitor Power Question

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  • Sharp LQ10DX01 10.4" Monitor Power Question

    hey guys,
    I recently got this Sharp LQ10DX01 10.4" screen off ebay. It came with a controller and everything. However, I had overlooked the fact that the controller is a USA1 style card. My motherboard only has PCI slots. Grr... So, the question is, is the screen just pulling power from the motherboard? The card accepts VGA input, so I'm guessing I take a cord from the motherboard and plug it into the card to get signal, while the card takes power from the motherboard.

    I have another (older) motherboard that will take the card. Can I just test the voltages to each of the pins on the card, and go about it that way? Or am I just wasting my time?
    Monitor Pic
    Card Pic

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    Help me

    Hey we seem to have the same monitor, so i was wondering if you have by any chance a manual for it? If you dont have a manual can you tell me how many tubes this monitor has since i do not have myne in posesion yet. Also i can you tell me what controler you have for it?


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      well, I just took it apart, and found that it has 6 bulbs. I don't have a manual for it though. From what I've been told, from the guy I got it from, it has the Dolch PitViper 535 (Chips & Tech 65535) ISA Video Card. Any clue how I can get it to fit my new motherboard?


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        A yes !

        That was a harsh battle on ebay i quitet at 55. Well pci and isa are very different i dont think its posible to convert from one to another. So you will have to get a mobo with isa, dont worry just look around and you will find one in garbage . I got myne from a thrown away system and its great . With that card you wont be able run more than windows+winamp , dont even think about dvds etc so why bother with a good mobo? Btw i have the same controller. Anyways thanx for the info on the tubes.