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Xbox 7.2 Inch LCD to VGA (like PS1 Mod)??

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  • Xbox 7.2 Inch LCD to VGA (like PS1 Mod)??

    Was in toys-r-us today looking for a ps1 display for cheap...$129....I passed.

    While there though...I saw 5.6 and 7.2 lcd's from Intec.

    There is a multi-AV out....and it says tft...anyone think these guys can be made to work?? Like the PS1 lcd vga mod.

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    Xbox 7.2 LCD

    I bought one, took it apart and will attempt the VGA mod.

    I'll take some pictures of the unit and the circuitry. It looks like the AVinput is connected to the composite input so no luck there....

    I noticed that the screen has a controller board that receives 6 wires as input: power, ground, and other 4 (Could these 4 be R,G,B and sync?).


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      it could be power or audio too, pics would help


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        Intec Xbox screen

        OK I got some pics...

        Here is what I know so far:
        • The Screen has S-video, composite and AV (24 pin) inputs
        • The AV (24 pin) and S-video seem to be connected together in the input pcb

        All of this is connected to this pcb
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          Intec Xbox display 7.2 inch

          It looks like the screen works like the following:

          S-video or composite are the main inputs
          The signal is taken to a board that separates them into RGB and sync
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            Intec Xbox 7.2 inch LCD

            Then the new video signal is sent to the LCD controller through a 6 pin cable
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              Intec Xbox LCD 7.2

              Here are some more pics:
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                what do all of those pots do? you might be able to send the RGB signal to the second PCB and it might work you just need to do some exploring

                Try using a multimeter (if you have one) on the 6 pin connecter where the wire goes


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                  Intec 7.2 inch display

                  The pots are for volume, bass, treble, brightness and color.

                  Does this give you any ideas?

                  What should I measure at the pins, I mean would I be able to measure anything on a digital signal?


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                    I bought a Joytech 7.2" PS/2 screen that looked very similar to the ones listed on that site. It was STN. Picture was fairly clear, but text wasn't good. gave up on trying the VGA mod, used it as composite for a while but since then went VGA, then blew up the VGA controller, so I'm back to square one.
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                      Any updates man?

                      I am still in the market for a cheap alternative....Eager to see if you were able to make any progress.



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                        Nahh sorry man I bailed and bought a real 7" VGA screen on ebay.

                        Now I'm working on getting it in the car.


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                          omg, could you take a pic for me of the back connector on the lcd, mine pulled out and idk what pins the wires go to.
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                            Another photo?

                            Originally posted by Mehnock View Post
                            Then the new video signal is sent to the LCD controller through a 6 pin cable
                            Would you happen to have another photo of that 6-pin connector? I disconnected mine and mixed them up.


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                              Yikes... a 6 year old thread? Hopefully someone has the info for you but chances are slim. Have you googled around on google images for it?

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