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RF interference with FM reception

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  • RF interference with FM reception

    Well the title pretty much says it all. My Xenarc 700 TS(V) seems to cause horrible intereference with FM reception. Does anyone have a solution or even a band-aid to make this problem any better? Or does anyone else have this problem? Maybe it is specific to my installation??

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    did you ever get any resolution to this problem? I haven't tested it yet, but I was assuming that it was just the FM modulator.

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      I am having this exact same problem. I tried creating ghetto shielding for all cables involved and I also made some aluminum foil plates and wrapped them in electrical tape and stuffed it between the xenarc and the radio but it has done very little to help. I am still looking for a solution. Did you ever get it figured out??

      And to the person who replied : No, not using an fm modulator of any kind.


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        Perhaps it's a problem with Xenarc. (Great screen but the RF interference is a worry). I'm having the same problem so if anyone has found a fix it would be greatly appreciated.