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Screen quality of Lilliput ?

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  • Screen quality of Lilliput ?

    Ive just recieved my Lilliput (7inch, model 619GL-70NP) and plugged it in.

    I didnt adjust anything else but the resolution (800x600).

    Now, Im not used to tft-screens at all, so maby this is normal, but there is some ghosting/shadowing to the right of every object on the screen (not just when moving).

    Its not very pronounced (but still very real) - its like youre faintly seeing double.

    Is this normal for these screens, or is it a defect? Or perhaps I need to adjust the settings for the screen somehow?

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    Anytime you change any kind of display setting, be sure to 'auto adjust' and maybe 'auto gamma' under the Lilliput menu.


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      and also make sure you jam the VGA cable (not the end that goies into the motherboard but the end that connects to the Lilliput) tightly in place. Low quality cable...i'd say
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        Ive tried the auto-adjust, but that doesnt solve it. Ive also tried jamming the cable really tight in place, but it doesnt get any better. Perhaps it is as you say - a bad cable. But its the one that came with the screen, so it should be alright, right?


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          I would recommend testing your screen with another computer, to prove that it's not a problem with your screen.

          I had a problem similar to yours when I first tried my lilliput... I tried it on a different PC it worked fine. I think I finally figured out my selected scan rate was the problem.


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            Yea try messing around with the refresh rates and different resolutions.

            Also make sure that the Touchscreen USB cable is plugged in. My last lilliput used that as some sort of grounding connection because when it was unplugged i had the exact same problems that you are having.

            If none of the above works you have 2 options. either be brave and resolder the connections on the back (its really quiet easy) or send it back and get another one
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              Ok, Im brave (and stupid ) so Ill go for the resoldering if nothing else works. Do you have a link to some sort of tutorial or something describing what connections should be resoldered? Or just an image indicationg them..?


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                try it on another computer first!
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                  Tried plugging it into another computer, and the screen was perfect. Jeez, the quality of this screen is pretty amazing!!

                  Thanks guys