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Xenarc direct cause of audio noise- help!

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  • Xenarc direct cause of audio noise- help!

    Hey all, recently the powerbook part of my carputer setup burned out (DOH!) and I removed it from the car until a time when I can have it fixed. Unfortunetly, since that time, the car audio's aux channel has been giving me noise and I haven't been able to figure out why until now.

    In a simplified setup, I have an SNES connected to my head unit straight in- RCA white and red to the head unit's white and red. the SNES is connected to the xenarc through the xenarc's aux 1 input; the yellow RCA. Turning it on without the xenarc connected to power or the 15 pin connector cable is fine (small small small buzz in the audio channel; but I'll deal with that later.)

    If I connect power to the xenarc, everything is fine. The momment I put the heavy duty pin connector in tho, a loud buzz fills my audio system (#@&(*@&#(*&#@). Remove power or connector, buzz disappears, add power, buzz still gone, add connector, buzz returns.

    At this point, I should note that the picture ont he xenarc is crystal clear.

    I tried connecting all the available RCAs to sources- no change in the buzz. I connected the USB to a hub- no change.... I connected the VGA cord to a dock (that had no computer attached), no change. I powered the dock on (still no CPU attached). Noise got LOUDER.

    So now I'm thinking it's the VGA's fault- when it's not connected to a VGA output that has signal going through it- it buzzes- wtf? Anyone else run into this problem? How is the signal even getting to my head unit too?

    Have tried connecting xenarc and SNES to house power- on connecting xenarc the buzz changed frequency a little bit; and seemed to come in on peak bursts in soud more, but other than that no change.

    Anyone have suggestions? I'm going to go try a few more things...

    ok, back from some more work.

    New hypothesis: !??!

    It's not the VGA screen- because when I disconnect the video signal from the SNES; all is clear. I'm going to go get some massive monster cable video connectors, and see if they help.

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    Ground ALL components (the screen, audio and inverter) to the same point. That should clear up most of the noise.

    Don't waste your money on Monster cables, ever!

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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      Confused, I make my living off AV work- I know that 90% of the time, monster cables are useless. But the cables coming out of my SNES are NOT shielded enough; they need heavy shielding. It's my professional judgement that even tho they may not currently be part of the major issue, they definetly merit replacement. But yeah; i've been going around town asking for: Those cables that no one in their right mind would buy.

      (Other times when monster cables are useful: running power and line up one side of the car; 650W next to signal, and no noise..)

      But I will try that ground idea!


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        I tried this by grounding the Inverter and the Monitor to the same ground- it worked! I still have some static noise- but it was there before the monitor problem. Now I figure I just have to ground the head unit @ the same point too..... and I actually couldn't FIND monster cables for the gamecube! lol


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          First of all I am so thankfull I have found this thread!! So I Believe I am having the same problem..When the VGA is pluged in to laptop the buzz is there..Am I to understand that if I somehow ground the xenarc monitor and my 480 w inverter no more buzz? Forgive me could I get a lil advice on how to ground the monitor?



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            Did you try a ground loop isolator on your audio? That solved all my audio noise problems. I had to learn the hard way. I even spent money on an igo for the laptop to connect directly to the 12volt and eliminate the inverter.