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Just found a 14.1 Hitachi. Do you know anything about it?

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  • Just found a 14.1 Hitachi. Do you know anything about it?

    It was in a Cimlinc Tablet from Delta Airlines. Their is no guts to the tablet just the case and screen. On the back of the screen it reads


    and also "8124H" "00078"

    If anyone has any schematics or ideas on how to wire this 14.1" $20.00 touch screen up i'll mail you some Oreos!


    God Bless America and Our President!

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    If you are serious about getting this thing to work, you want to start by finding the "Data Sheet" for this LCD, if possible. There are a lot of specific details that you'll need to know, and the data sheet spells them out for you.

    Next, I would do whatever research I needed to do, so that I could read that data sheet and make sense of it.

    Then, you find a company that makes a compatable controller and is willing to sell you one. And make the proper cable to connect the LCD and controller.

    Also, you need to buy a compatible inverter to drive the CCFL. Make the proper cable to connect to the LCD controller. And possibly provide a power supply for the inverter, if not in the LCD controller