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Lilliput Dimensions? I want to put one in my Acura Legend...

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  • Lilliput Dimensions? I want to put one in my Acura Legend...

    Below are pics of my cars interior. See where the radio is? I am wanting to remove the radio and then put a 7 inch Lilliput Touchscreen LCD there.

    I have seen many people uninstall their OEM radio headunit and then fabricate a lilliput screen into the old radio headunit location. These people have plastic surrounding their OEM radio headunit space.

    Unfortunately, I have wood surrounding my OEM headunit, so bondo, sanding, etc. cannot be done b/c it will ruin the wood. It looks like the Lilliput screen/frame would be too big to fit flush into my dash. The actual LCD screen looks like it might be close to the size of the hole that will exist when I remove my radio.

    Can you tell me what the dimensions are of
    1. The actual LCD screen from the lilliput
    2. The dimensions of frame of the Lilliput

    Is uninstalling the actual LCD from the Lilliput frame and mounting just the LCD in my radio hole possible? What does the screen look like without the frame?

    Thank you.

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    Lillput casing is: 190x128 mm

    LCD is: 155x94 mm


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      Ok, thanks. Above are the dimensions of my headunit. The Lilliput is a little taller than expected but we'll see. I think I may just mount the entire Lilliput w/frame in my radio location b/c I have probably a CM of space around the circumference of my headunit.