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Which Touch-Screen LCD Monitor Brand Is Better? Xenarc or Lilliput

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  • Which Touch-Screen LCD Monitor Brand Is Better? Xenarc or Lilliput

    I was going to purchase a touch-screen lcd monitor, and i wasn't sure on which manufacture was better.

    What do you all recommend? Xenarc or Lilliput?

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    I have a 7" Lilliput Touchscreen VGA monitor (black housing) for sale.


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      Hmm, do you accept PayPal?


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        i accept paypal, but you need to included the additional paypal fee.

        money order payment would be best.


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          looks like you are all squared away but this question has been beaten to a bloody pulp. Do some searches to get more detailed info.

          Lilliput is cheaper and brighter/xenaarc is higher quality and more money but less bright and people seem to have less problems with xenarc.
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            I thought the Xenarc 7" 700TSV came with some new Bright technology. But after going to they had a Xenarc VS Lilliput battle, and it seems that Lilliput looks brighter, even with a cheaper cost then Xenarc. The Xenarc seems to have more of a clean look, the text and pictures are smooth.

            Check it out...

            Lilliput VS Xenarc

            Tell me what you all think, I need some input!!!


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              Dodaddy, that article is the worse POS. Here's why:

              Every monitor has a different white point. The reason the xenarc looks dimmer and more yellow compared to the lilliput is because the camera they took the pictures with was calibrated towards the lilliput screen. Also, thats a non touchscreen model of the lilliput and xenarc; and the bright and antiglare stuff is ontop of the touchscreen material I believe- you remove the touchscreen you remove that.

              The xenarc has higher quality non refurbished parts, and is the better model if you have the money.


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                Thanks for clearing that up for me, so the Xenarc is the better one? Which model do you have?


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                    Do you got any pictures of your setup? Also what type of computer are u runnin?


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                      one of the picts if my avatar;

             (that looks like a pretty heavy photochop tho- I did some brightness/contrast stuff on it to make it stand out since it was too dark.

                      also check out

                      for more picts on the setup

                      computer is/was a powerbook g4/550.. currently broken.


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                        That's a nice setup man... I hope to do this to my car soon.


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                          Really nice setup. Don't see too many macs in car pcs. Do you find that it works pretty nicely? Do you have GPS?


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                            It worked great!!! the touchscreen was beautiful; double clicking was a little difficult, I didn't have time to streamline the double click speed in OSX before it broke.

                            Don't have GPS yet, I think Im gonna wait until a system besides route 66 (is that it?) comes out.