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Building/Modding casing for Lilliput

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  • Building/Modding casing for Lilliput


    I want to build a new casing for the lilliput. Since I want the screen to be portable (I want to be able to detach it from the car and use it elsewhere in a non-car environment), Im thinking about making a small, thin and lean aluminium-casing to replace the plastic cover.

    Do you know of any mod-projects that has done something similar, that I could use for inspiration? Im always saving links to good mod-projects, and Im hoping someone has done just that with this type of mod - since googling for it hasnt given me much.


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    I have been hanging aound in the forums awhile and have not seen this yet - though there is a in-dash conversion for the Xenarc that puts the guts in a new case that folds back into a 1din unit - kinda similar:
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      Oh, thats a shame.

      Yeah, that in-dash housing is awesome But not really what Im looking for. Thanks though

      What about other projects done with aluminium? Like mid-consoles, or mini-computercases, etc? Just to get a feel for what is doable with aluminium, and how to best work the material.