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Xbox on Lilliput problems

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  • Xbox on Lilliput problems

    I guess some of you have noticed that some games played on xbox/ps2 with the lilliput is just "out of range" for the screen.

    Now, Ive messed around an awful lot with the video-modes of the screen (switching between pal, ntsc, etc. etc), but nothing has worked.

    The really strange thing, though, is that it doesnt seem to matter if the game is a ntsc or a pal version. Ive tried two ntsc games, one of which worked, and the other didnt.

    Has anybody solved this mind-boggling problem?

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    My XBox seems to work just fine. I have the S-Video connection for the XBox and the video RCA is plugged in (since it has S-Vid & RCA). I haven't looked at the RCA video but S-Video works just fine. May want to try the Auto Tune on it and see it that helps any. I've only seen my screen go "out of range" during rebooting my computer.

    NTSC Btw.

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