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  • Xenarc VGA Controller Features

    Hey guys. I just bought a Xenarc VGA controller to replace my "aging" component video controller in the TM-701L. Almost got that sucker in following the directions on Armen's site. Have a couple of concerns though I'd like to address to see if anybody can answer. It would be a good idea to include these Q's as a FAQ for this product for sure. Some are serious and important Q's and others are just for curiosity, but if you spend this much on somethingy ou want to make sure you know everything about it! Also, I hope some of you who have down the Xenarc to in-dash housing can chime in here. Onwards!

    1) Regarding putting electric tape tot he back of the lcd; is there a way to use the piece that is attached to the component video controller board? Thing is that it has a black wire that is soldered to the back of of it (my guess is to ground the controller), but which method would you recommend?

    2) How do you fasten the controller and inverter? Is 3M sticky okay to use?

    3) I don't see the ribbon for the infrared transmaitter hooked up on the button board. Does it not work? Also, how come you "cut" the connections on the button board by scratching out some of the connections? Since the button board isn't connected to the board in any way other than the newly soldered wires, wouldn't it be redundant to do that? I don't want to scratch anything unless it's absolutely necessary. If it is necessary, could you explain why you scratch where you do and what connection it disconnects.

    4) Does this controller have a built-in touch screen usb controller? I see that you have pics of a separate controller attached so I guess not (I'm sure it's the one that ones standard with xenarc screens), but I own the 7" I bought off you that I already installed when I had my component video controller working. That is hooked up according to your installation tutorial so I take it I just leave that along and hook it up like normal.

    5) Just double checking, but the 5-stranded wire cable that defaults though the housing that you end up cutting and using two of the wires; that's for the +12V and ground and the remaining 2 wires must be for the component video connections, correct?
    A: The posittive wire is the dotted wire and the negative wire is the shoter dashed one. I'm still unsure exactly which one is solderer where on the board. Mind you that the original plug connection needs to be desoldered so that these 2 wires can be put in its place. The other 2 wires are used for data for the 2 rca input plugs.

    6) There are numerous white male connectors on the vga controller board itself. You appears to use a few of them for the inverter, touch controller, etc, but there's still 3 that are unused. One is a 2-pin on the center-right of the board when looking from a pic from the bottom of the lcd screen (like in your install pics) and the others are on the bottom. A 3-pin and a 4-pin.