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  • building in-car computer

    Hi experts:
    I've been thinking of building a computer for my car, which is capable of displaying GPS, playing MP3 and watching MPEG video. My goal is to spend as less money as possible and use exsiting components I could found.
    Up to now, I got a single board computer, only 133 MHZ, but the size is 6X6, with IDE, PCI slot, PCMCIA slot, 2 serial port, IRDA, 1 parallel port, buildin ethernet chip. VGA, keyboard/mouse. pretty much everthing I need. I also have a GPS unit capable of sending GPS data through serial port. And I got a sharp LQ64D343 TFT LCD display, which is ripped off from a evaluation board.
    I am trying to figure it out how to connect the LCD to my SBC, and spent a couple of days surfing the net looking for information. But unfortunatley, I just couldn't find any page on that. looks like all the majority of the LCD panel for in car system are analog, so it's easy to connect to the VGA port directly, but the Sharp LQ64D343 has 34 pins, I couldn't find any document that tells me how to connect it to VGA interface.
    Is there anyone who have experince on that ? or could direct me to the right place to find any guideline ?

    Thank you!

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    get a new motgehr board, a via...
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      what did you mean?

      You mean new motherboard? That's beyond my question.


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        You need an lcd controller to convert vga to hirose (which are what those 31 pins are) ...unless your motherboard has that built in, but you didn't mention that. So...
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