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Laptop LCD ribbon to VGA plug?

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  • Laptop LCD ribbon to VGA plug?

    I have a Panasonic MD480T640PG3 'Plasma' off a toshiba laptop.
    I know the pinouts pretty much, and I was just wondering if it was at all possible to hook it straight up into a vga plug?
    Pinouts are:

    01 VSYNC
    02 GND
    03 HSYNC (OLP)
    04 GND
    05 DATAO0 (Data PNL3)
    06 GND
    07 DATAO1 (Data PNL2)
    08 GND
    09 DATAO2 (Data PNL1)
    10 GND
    11 DATAO3 (Data PNL0)
    12 GND
    13 DATAE0 (Data PNL7)
    14 GND
    15 DATAE1 (Data PNL6)
    16 GND
    17 DATAE2 (Data PNL5)
    18 GND
    19 DATAE3 (Data PNL4)
    20 GND
    21 DSPTMG (Data Enable VEE/DE,DE)
    22 GND
    23 BACKG (N/C)
    24 GND
    25 CLOCK (Data Shift Clock XCLK)
    26 GND

    The lack of RGB channels and the DATA bits sorta threw me off...
    All i want is to be able to plug it into the VGA on my pc because i can't afford a commercially made car LCD.

    I can also tell you that it is a 16 shade grayscale screen (not that that bothers me as 16 shades still looks fine if all you want is winamp).

    Any help would be great.
    Thx in advance!
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    I just realised i will probably need a controller for it...
    I'm going to change my question to can i make a controller cheaply?
    If not, can you guys reccommend one for under $100 AU?
    If not, then i spose its time to start saving up...

    PS. please post if not able to reccommend one because of cost so i can sleep at night
    76' Rover P6B Saloon
    3.5L Buick V8 - 160HP

    Carputer: |----------| 1% complete! (planning)


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      keep checking on ebay i picked up a brand new digital view SV-1600 controller for $130.00 and this controller will work with VGA and all the way up to Plasma, has RCA and 15 pin D-sub vga connecter.
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