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Finally got my allbrite going [NO 56K!]

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  • Finally got my allbrite going [NO 56K!]

    A little background info:
    Allbright 10.4 inch display
    Dicon 1280EI controller

    I finally got the peices I needed from digikey a couple days ago. I was able to get the inverter power hooked up. DAMN this is a bright display, looking at it hurts my eyes!

    I will need to hookup a dimmer switch to it, the backlights are physically just too bright, turning the brightness/contrast down through the dicon controller does nothing.

    anyway here are the pics;

    My friend says he can crimp these good... I think my crappy wire job has to do with the wires I'm using, which are very stiff (solid core).
    I plan on picking up some more bendable wire and have my friend crimp it togethers (he swears to do a better job than me).

    The pic below took me around an hour to crimp 5 wires decent enough...

    I would like to thank ddogg_777 for selling the lcd and controller and meeting me in the parking lot of best buy Also for help in finding the micromachine size harness connectors. You have to be very patient crimping those connectors to the wire, I screwed up so many times befire I got it crimping ok.

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    I still haven't run mine with 4 CCFLs. Have you tried dimming at all? You should be able to get it to adjust thru the Dicon (via the OSD). But I was planning on using a pot. I think that would be the easiest way to manually adjust.

    I would like to get RS232 to the Dicon going too. You can use your PC to check/change any of the OSD settings via RS232.


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      BTW, get that board off the carpet. Static electricity is bad.


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        Originally posted by eCarô
        BTW, get that board off the carpet. Static electricity is bad.
        lol, sounds like something my dad would say. I just got a lecture the other day when changing out CPUs. He is an electrical engineer and specializes in ESD. When in the lab he has to wear a whole suit to protect from discharge...
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          I didn't want to sound like I was yelling at him. Just a suggestion.

          When I said that you could dim it thru the Dicon OSD, I mean that the Dicon can output a PWM signal for the inverter to use (you need to connect to it of course). But the Linfinity inverter you have needs a variable voltage signal of 0-2.5V. The .pdf for the inverter has instructions for filtering a PWM signal so it will work though. PM me if you don't have that .pdf or have any questions.


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            Is this touch screen, or touch screen capable?

            I found in other thread that it's 800x600 is it right (it was talking about a bigger model SVGA)

            I'm looking for a ~8" touch screen in order to get native resolution from an epia mainboard



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              Where did you get it and how much? Is this the same high brite screen that xenerc sells. They have a 10.4 version (non touch) high brite that is not on there web site.
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