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    Hi All

    I can get a XENARC 700TSV™ 7" VGA Touchscreen for £230 inc P&P here in the UK. ($430)

    Is this a good price? Also, what is the difference in the xenarc models? Is the 700TSV better than the 700TS?
    Just a little confused with their model numbers, thats all.
    Basically, If i want a lilliput it would cost me £180+ £20p&P which means that for an extra £30 ($50) I can get the xenarc 700tsv. Which incidently has an 18month warranty.... Hmmm....

    Let me know guys!

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    The 700TS and 700TSV are both touchscreen displays. The 700TSV however can handle VGA input. The 700TS can't. This means that the imagequality (detail) will better on the 700TSV. Also the reason why they are more expensive.

    The price, you can see for yourself:
    So if would add shipping from the States, the price is quite i'd say

    Oh, and for that little difference in price, chose the xenarc. It''s better quality.
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      Apparently the 700TS has vga in also?

      I think i will buy the xenarc. Just need to get the money together


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        I have been happy with mine. I have the VGA touchscreen.


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          The 700TSV has an additional 2 composite video inputs, which the 700TS does not. Both are touchscreen and both have VGA input...
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            All in all, is the xenarc good? Better than the lilliput overall?
            I have read other threads and this appears to be the case....

            Cheers guys


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              if the difference is only $50.00, you should get the xenarc, longer warranty and overall, has had better results in this forum.


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                wait a minute, both the xenarcs have vga input right? so their image quality is the same right?


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                  Yeh, so i have read. only difference is the composite video inputs on the TSV.
                  I have just paid for my xenarc, £230inc P&P! Thought this was a bargain, with 18month warranty and 100%no-dead-pixel guarantee. If i have any problems I have ordered it from a local shop too, so should be able to sort it out with them!
                  Cheers guys.... one step further to a carPC
                  Now for the carnetix PSU! Woohoo!


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                    Mp3Car is an authorized reseller of Xenarc's products.