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How to fix bad lilliput vga connection?

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  • How to fix bad lilliput vga connection?

    My 8" lilliput has a very dodgy vga input, any movement of the cable and itflicks out and can be a real pain to try and get the picture back. Ive pulled the whole thing apart and checked continuity/soldering etc of all the connections, everything looks ok. Was quite hard to get it working again though, getting those ribbon cables back in right took a few tries. Now its worse than when I dissassembled it though!!! rca and svideo work fine, which sux because I will never use them... are there any schematics on this unit anywhere so I can try and solder the wires direct to the board and bypass the connector? Ive even pulled the end of the svid/rac/vga "dongle" completely to bits and check its continuity out, it all seemed fine, so it seems to me the problem lies in the actual connection between the two plugs, that is to say the actual pins that touch each other when you plug the "dongle" into the screen (just to spell it out in case others are having the same probs..) So any info or tips much appreciated, we are doing a big trip in 3 days and I wanted to show this thing off to a few people, the rest of the setup laptop/gps etc is ready to go.

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    Ive posted another thread on this problem with a pic etc,


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      First thing I noticed when I got my Xenarc is how expensive it was and the second was how flimsy the connector on the screen was. I took a dive I opened it and took my trusty 9.95 HOT GLUE GUN and proceeded to Glue that sucker solid... I have had my XENARC for 1.5years and take it off whenever I park. I do notice the connecter on the screen is getting loose but still works fine!! GLUE GUN .. GLUE GUN... what am I trying to say?? GLUE GUN.. .. "That's not my Ferrari"..-Nick Cage..(The ROCK)

      '94 320i