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Little help with Kenwood KVT-M700

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  • Little help with Kenwood KVT-M700

    Ok. I have searched for 2 days hoping to find something that would help me, but to no avail.

    Here is my problem:
    6 months ago I bought a bummed KVT-700 from Ebay (don't want to get into it). I took it to a repair shop to hopefully maybe only get away with paying only a little over $100 to get it fixed. Well it turned out that the mainboard was toast and that it was going to cost me $400 + to get that repaired. I am certain that the screen itself is in good condition. So here are my questions. How can I test the screen to see if it is usable? And if it turns out that it is usable, how could I make it function with a computer? I want to try to salvage the amount that I have lose on this deal. I would like to save face a little bit. Obviously I don't want to have to spend more than it would cost to buy a lilliput or an innovatek. All your inputs are very much appreciated.


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    If you have a pretty good background in electronics and signals, you may be able to figure out what is going to the monitor. I am going to assume that there is a ribbon cable on the inside that connects the screen, if you can figure out what the interface is (vga/rca), and what the pin-outs are, then you may be in businiess. This will let you use the unit as a monitor. The touchscreen would be pretty hard to hack, because is most likely has an interface that has nothing similar to USB. So you may be able to find a 7" lcd touchpannel, and install it. Look at digitalww for the touch pannel.

    I dont have the background in electronics and i really cant help you out much. Good luck, if you could get it to work it would be very sweet.



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      I actually have an M700 in my car right now connected to my DVD player. Unfortunately, though, I think it will be pretty difficult to use in another application because a lot of the brains of the device is in the external box that plugs in. The monitor is NTSC, which of course will not be a good as a VGA, and the touchscreen has its own unique interface and logic. Even though mine works, I won't be able to use it as a monitor for my carputer, although I wish I could have.

      If you know anything about electronics, do some investigating on the monitor and the connections and see if you can figure out what is what. If you want to ship it to me and I will try to figure it out, you can do that (I am an electrical engineer). Don't know that it's possible, though...