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Distortion of lilliput-screen

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  • Distortion of lilliput-screen

    I currently have my lilliput hooked up to a stationary pc (server). I use the PCs powersupply (12 Volt) to power the screen, and it has worked pretty well so far.

    Now and then, though, I get heavy distortions on the screen. One minute its crisp, and the next it starts with horisontal lines vibrating and wrecking up the image.

    I had problems before with a bad vga-connection, but that was a whole different matter (the image was distorted, yes, but not vibrating).

    My guess is that it has to do with the powersupply giving fluctuating voltage (or amp, I dunno really). Since fluctuating power is much more common from the cars battery (several people seem to have fried their screens that way), someone here should probably know if this is how the screen behaves with fluctuating power?

    Or perhaps it is due to some strong magnetic field (from other hardware) which distorts the image? I know very little (cellphone, for instance) is required to distort the image of a crt-screen, but perhaps that doesnt apply to a tft..?

    Any ideas?


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    Check the "Barrell" conector that on the VGA line.....I've found that this doesnt always give the best connection, and simply squeezing it can drastically improve picture quality!




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      I have had horizontal lines going up/down the screen on both my mate's Lilliput (when I was borrowing it from hime) and my Xenarc in my car, and my dad's Xenarc in his car, when they were hooked up directly to the battery (via their respective cigarette lighter adapters) and the engine was on (ie fluctuating power). As soon as I hooked the power to the regulated output of my Opus and the Carnetix regulator in my dad's car, the display on all became as crisp as you can possibly hope for.

      So, yes, it is more than likely fluctuating power (even in an AC power supply, most of which don't supply a steady voltage!) which is causing it. Hooking it up to a well regulated power supply is highly recommended.

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        unlikely to be power distortions, certainly from a PSU as opposed to the dodgy egg. Far more likely to be interference on yr VGA cable or dodgy connections. Fluctuating power supply will usually only affect brightness (within reasonable voltages)
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