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Strange Lilliput Behavior

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  • Strange Lilliput Behavior

    After getting my Lilliput to power on again last week by reseating the thin ribbon, as suggested by a few people, I had been plagued with the screen losing power if you wiggled the power connector.
    I finally got tired of that last night and decided to take the screen apart again.
    I checked the solder points where the plug comes in and they were solid. With the whole screen apart, wiggling the power connector didnt cause power loss so I figured it may have been the ribbons.
    I reseated the ribbon and tested it every time.
    Along the way I had been powering up the screen and at times had the screen powered while I was 'fiddling' with the connections.
    I noticed that the narrow ribbon can shift left or right in its socket a good distance possibly even a whole contact. I shifted it as far as I could to the right.

    I then reassembled the screen and plugged it in. To my amazement it automatically turned on (read: Auto-On with no mods). And also to my amazement the language had now been set to 'Chinese', which was easily fixed.
    So I don't exactly know what I did that 'reset' the screen to factory settings to display chinese. And I dont know if that 'reset' also allowed the Lilliput to auto-on or if that had something more to do with the ribbon connection shifting.
    But I do know that when you remove power from my lilliput now and reapply power, it goes back into whatever state it was in before power was pulled(although it only helped my 'wiggling' problem a little).

    Is this the way the screen was intended to behave or did I just get lucky?

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    My concern is that some other button signal is being crossed that way. I'm also wondering what damage might occur if the power button was just kept depressed (tape or something), which also makes it turn on with the power. Anyone?