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Screen Ideas and HUD solution?

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  • Screen Ideas and HUD solution?

    Ok, I'm at work on my lunchbreak, surfing here, checking some sites, (,, ect), and have a brainstorm on a couple of ideas.

    Ok, my carputer I want to build is also going to have to control some very, well, "interesting" robotics. check my site for the details, most of you won't belive I can pull it off, some are going to jump at the chance. Anyway, here goes:

    1 liliput (or other touchscreen) will be my main display. most of the controls will be on here, and this will be the software main screen. At the press of a button, another liliput drops from behind it, switching on, and acts as the specified controls for that software (eg. in desktop mode, it's a keyboard, same with gps), and for specific software is in use, i will create another keyboard for it (specific controls, ect). i plan on having 4 color/b&w cameras on board, so the switching and pan/tilt of the cameras will be controled from here, and i can view them on the main screen. the beauty is i could actually use both screens as a display for the cameras if need be, and switch views, ect.

    this will be pulled off via "duo-view", or whatever the hell epia calls it. i have an ati on my home pc that allows me to use two or more moniters as a huge desktop, so i know i can pull it off (i have my 20" hooked up to my comp so i can play computer or surf the net from multiple chair angles). just thought I would run that by you guys.

    the second, and most important, is a HUD for the car. most HUDs are built using CCFs or LCD displays, that put out one color, and you have to program the information into it. The LCDs and controllers can be expensive, plus you have to write software for each of your displays, and install a mirror box. i'm thinking about using a 3-4" LCD display from a video camera. they accept standard RCA inputs, and you can pick up a crap one from a flea market or garage sale. i could just place another video card into the rig, set what i want displaying out, and even flip the picture without a mirror box. i will still have the problem with ghosting, but i'll just ask one of my tint buddies to grab me some clear polorizing film.

    give me some feed back, and let me know my lunchbreak didn't go to waste

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    Great ideas D-Man,
    Firstly a few people have mentioned having mulitple lilliputs / screens etc, some have said the will motorized out from behind or underneath etc, no body has come up with decent enough designs as to how well this will actually work, some have suggested old cd rom drives modified to handle a lilliput screen etc.

    Secondly, 4 cameras is eactly what i said im gonna have, dont be suprised if a lot of people here turn around and say "Whats the point" cos i can! thats the point. as for pan and tilt, expensive - big - bulky - ugly!!! there is a slick arse webcam that will pan and tilt allow not very functional it sort of works find it on ebay!, i agree pan and tilt is cool, me perosnally id have pan and tilts and our software will support them too, bear in mind its a webcam hence usb.

    Thirdly do you mean nview? or is that just for geforce and nvidia chipsets,

    Finally theres a bout 10 different threads on here all detailing HUD, some have tried it most have failed,
    vfds seem to be the way to go, if you do get such luck with the film let us all know! WITH IMAGES!
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      i'll post a diagram of how to make a non-motorized sliding mount later, in another thread, but the basics are you push a button to pop the top screen out, and the screen behind would pop out (spring loaded), and fall down straight. if you push the top screen back in, both screens should be lined up. like I said, i'll post that later.

      the cameras i originally planned to be conencted in on a tv in, using a external switch. the only thing with that is that i wouldn't have control over the actual video of each cam wihtout pressing a button on the switch. yesterday, someone posted a link to a site that carried 4 and 8 video capture cards (4 or 8 cameras). i nearly crapped my pants. with those cards, i could use motion tracking on all of the cameras

      only two of the cameras will be mounted with pan/tilt. that is because of hte robotic arms they will be mounted on, for "other" purposes.

      btw, i did use the search function about hud. it's actually about 24 different threads, but that's just sematics . one of the members actually hit on my idea (using an Ipaq), and i did some searching for some 3-4" tft screens. found a bunch surplus, and they already have ribbon cable attached, just need to split that into rca, and voila. i think i'll write a little code into the same keyboard software, so i can choose what is displayed. more to come later


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        Sounds great dude, would be very interested to see you progress, are there really 24 threads! damn
        as for the video card ive seen them, thats why im going webcam based, usb all the way saves money on capture cards etc
        Co Develper of A.I.M.E.E Automotive Intelligent Multimedia Entertainment Engine