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lcd and amp question?

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  • lcd and amp question?

    I have a 2001 diamante LS and am going to try to put a 7" LCD where the stock stereo is right now and the extra compartment. Instead of buying a lilliput and removing the case can i just buy a lcd touchscreen from somewhere? I will post some pictures after work of where i m planning on putting the LCD so it will be more clear.

    I still have to find a place for putting the new stereo at (maybe in the glovebox, but that might look tacky. I might just eliminate the stereo/ aux. input method and try to do it with an amp...i have no idea on the amp method so input on that would be helpful as well...does my car come with a stock amp i can use already or do i have to purchase a sepearate one?


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    Also is it ok to use a Power Distribution Block if i am going with the amp setup without head unit. That way I wont have to run 2 seperate power cables all the way to the trunk from the battery. This way I can have one power cable going to the trunk to the Power Distribution Block and then split one to opus and the other to my amp.



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      check out
      they have what you need.. Good idea with the amp, just make sure you get a low enough gauge for both your amp and opus. Remember WAV! watts = amps * volts
      for the main fuse. good luck.


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        ok thanks any other suggestions?? regarding brands or thypes of amps. I have a total of 8 speakers on my car.

        2 on rear
        2 on front door
        2 on top of front door (tweeters)
        2 on dashboard

        Will a 4 channel amp work?


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          Personally, I am not sure about the amplifier or I would offer a sugg.

          That said, this question would probably be much better answered in the Audio section, rather than the LCD section. Repost the question there. Good luck!