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Where install the TFT

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  • Where install the TFT

    I have allready ordered my tft 7" from

    I have taken some pics of the dash of my car so that may tell me where to possibly install it. I thought indash would be impossible nearly.

    Notice that i have a car slot with a sideways attachment, i thought maybe i could use that to attach the tft.
    The best place I think is the upper right square used for the cooling, above the ventilation slider.

    Any comments ?

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    Indash looks pretty hard... Maybe you could put it in the lower part of your console. But then maybe it would be sitting to low and it could be a hard angle to look at, or touch.
    You could do this , but that would mean taking apart your monitor and voiding warranty. Or you could go for a bracket.
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      ditch the clock and put it in the instrument cluster, but forget about using the touchscreen (if you ordered it)
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        I would put it under the head unit. i.e. remove what looks to be the ash tray and build a simple housing there. I used to have my screen on the dash but moved it to be much lower down to reduce theft risk and glare. The touch screens tend to reflect everything especially if your passenger is wearing something light in colour. Lower in the dash means the touch screen is near to your hand when you are resting on the gear lever. Lower also means less reflection on the screen.


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          I would suggest you remove your headunit and put the screen in that space and the space taken up by the ashtray (and maybe a bit lower)...
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