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Anyone know of a controller for a psone lcd?

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  • Anyone know of a controller for a psone lcd?

    I was using my sony psone lcd in my car with great success. The only problem was the annoyingly big controller board around it, i needed to extend the ribbon cable so i could move the board away from the lcd. thats where i had some problems, i didnt want to cut the cable so i was soldering to some pads on the board. anyway.... the board is fried now.

    i was wondering if anyone knew of some lcd controllers that work with the psone lcd. i did some googling, and found out some specs. its a samsung LTS500Q1-GF1 lcd. It takes analog rgb as inputs. I email the datasheet as needed, its too large to attach here.

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    You minus well find another ps one lcd cause the lcd controlers r like $100-$250
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