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Possible Displays and my findings

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  • Possible Displays and my findings

    Should it help anyone...

    Apparently no-one (Except Pioneer, but their unit could possibly be a propriatory unit, see previous posting) has managed to release a motorised, touchscreen In-Dash LCD display.

    DigitalWW / Armen are close but he is experiencing supplier problems could be releasing a In-Dash TFT this month

    Xenarc, despite the announcement at CES have sent me this:

    Originally posted by Xenarc
    Unfortunately, the in dash monitor has been put on hold indefinitely due to mechanical problems with the motorized portion of the screen. Please check our website frequently for any updates.
    I have finished up purchasing one of these units:

    and will attempt to install one of DigitalWW's touchscreen kits. I'll let you know how it goes....

    Hope this helps some people
    Tony P
    My Carputer Project

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    In addition, it would appear that you can have EITHER In-dash non-VGA OR Touchscreen VGA... not both or in-dash VGA. I have yet to find a commercially available display that has both, again Armen's display promises this when it eventually surfaces.
    Tony P
    My Carputer Project


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      I was thinking of buying one of those cheapies like the K-870:

      Hope that link works. Anyway, you could buy this and at least have a non-motorized case. I was wanting to put a Xenarc into it if it would fit... But all of the cheapo in-dash systems on e-bay that I could afford to do this with, are sold out of foreign countries, and you cant get dimension specs on-line because the companies that make them are too obscure.

      Still looking...