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  • PS1 Screen Computer Specs

    I am designing a computer for my car. I was going to originially hook a 2X20 LCD to it but then I saw I can get a PS1 screen fairly cheap. What hardware specs is everyone using (ie. what mobo,video card, ect...) I am trying to get this system off as cheaply as possible. Can I use onboard video for this PS1 screen mod? If so has anyone been successful doing it? If so what was your config?

    Thanks for any feedback on this. I wasnt to get started but dont want to buy incompatible stuff.


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    I have successfully driven a ps-one lcd from the secondary of a Radeon 9800 Pro with PowerStrip used to changed the frequencies.

    Also I have driven it from a Chips 65555 onboard video under DOS, using direct CRT controller reprogramming (custom code).
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      Thanks for the reply. I was kind of looking for something a little older or lower end. I Dont need this to be a gaming machine. But ANY feedback is appreciated


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        Its got a good enough resolution to watch movies but its kinda hard to read text unless its a large font. alot of people start with this screen and save up for a bigger and better one
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          if you want to use the composite signal (instead of VGA) than any card with vid-out will do but the quality of the output (especially text) will be affected. For VGA, it a bit tougher, i know that you can't use it with most integrated graphic chipset (they don't support powerstrip). do a search in the Psone lcd thread and you should have your answer.


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            If you can find one, a Matrox G200 or Millenium with 8MB AGP or PCI is a good one. I am using it with the PSOne.
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