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Xenarc Touch Not Working

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  • Xenarc Touch Not Working

    My touch screen stopped working on my Xenarc

    I am having a problem with my laptop, but I have a bad feeling the touch screen isn't communicating anymore.

    The touch software doesn't recognize the screen at all, in my laptops Com1, or my Keyspan USB adapter Com8.

    If I fire up hyperterminal I don't get any strings from the touch screen when reading from Com1 or Com8, but if I connect my GPS I see streams in each com from the GPS.

    The screen is glassed into my dash, I pulled the dash panel off and double checked the connections aren't loose.

    What could the problem be? How do I diagnose it?

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    try hooking it to a fresh computer and see if it comes up in device manager (under what port...?)