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Lilliput touchscreen problems -- Need Help

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  • Lilliput touchscreen problems -- Need Help

    Brutal is back again, it has been a long time that I have posted a messge. Now I am in Ecuador, Soth America and bought a new car, started to install my carputer. People here in this country are shock cause they havenīt seen such thing yet. Maybe the first to have a carputer in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Where is this? lol somwhere in South America.

    Well here is my problem. I bought my lilliput all the way back on November when I was in college, Milwaukee, WI. After graduation, I moved back to Ecuador, that is where I bought my new Toyota Corolla 2004, engine 1.8. Almost done, however, my Lilliput touchscreen is not working properly.

    I have my lilliput connected to the 12V of my previous headunit using a regulator with a fuse. The image is crisp and clear. I have a long VGA extension cable to the trunk where my case is located. I also have a USB extension cord that feeds the lilliput touchscreen. At the beginning, everything was working great, the touchscreen was working, however, a week ago, problems started. My lilliput will not work as supposed. Sometimes it works, sometimes y doesnīt. However, today I noticed that when I turn off the engine, but having the switch on, the touchscreen works. One of my friend told me that the car had some electrical charge. So....does this mean that somewhere in my car, I have a loose cable? Also...when I press Menu, Volume, etc...on my lilliput, it turns off the monitor, when I press again, it turns back on. So what could it be? I currently do have a opus powering my CPU but not my lilliput. Should I rewire everything and connect my lilliput to my opus?

    I have done a lot of searching and tested all the things people listed, however I still canīt solve it. I have done install, uninstall, still the same problem, even reinstall windows within my car and nothing. Tried connecting it to another USB port, nothing. Currently using Windows XP.

    By the way, when I connect my USB external DVD Drive, my computer freezes. What is causing this?

    Any help is welcomed, and appreciated. Thanks everyone. I will post picture and put a website of my carputer and all the details for those who are interested in building one and need ideas.

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    well for one thing the main reason why computers freeze in carputers is temperature related or power related, seeing as it happens everytime you plug the USB drive in, im guessing your over maxing the opus power supply. You can get cigarette to USB power sources, that simply plug in. As far as the lilliput goes, How exatctly do you have it ran off your HU, and doesnt your HU have somethin like a remote ignition like an amp ? so shouldnt the monitor theraticly only work wiht the car and hu is on?

    And as far as having the Lilliput shut off when you press a button, it seems like thats a shorting issue, or a grounding issue, sorry i cant be more specific im getting my first lilliput this wensday, but i'd check all the grounds around your HU, and check the ground on your switch to make sure the grounds are not close, or interfering with each other