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M10000 VGA and Tv-Out Problem.... help

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  • M10000 VGA and Tv-Out Problem.... help

    I use a : 7" TFT/VGA and a second 7" TFT/Monitor, connected to my
    Motherboard :Via Epia M10000.

    And can't get both TFT running at the same time !! Why ??????????

    I have just updated my Bios, And selected it to run CRT+LCD
    I did also update the VGA driver and the S3 driver.

    In XP under System I chose both TFT to run at the same time !!
    But........When VGA run, S-vhs don't !
    And if S-vhs run, VGA don't.

    Also used a small program to identify the Grafik Chip ID : 3122
    But can't find any support on that !


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    just throwing an idea out, I couldnt get my 6" monitor to work with my Epia M9000...

    ended up their wasnt enough internal resistance in the monitor for the Epia to see it. I had to solder a 75ohm resistor in the cable and it worked fine.
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      resistant..... How ??

      How and where did you mount the resistance !

      Did you use the RCA or S-vhs port ??
      And do you have 2 TFT, (because of the resistance !!) ??



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        i believe he's using rca, al the times i have heard about this problem its been on rca.

        However, i think your problem is different, since you can actually get signal on the screen(s-vhs). It sounds to me like its a driver/bios problem, even though you have upgraded both.
        Can you be more specific on when you have vga an not s-vhs and when you have s-vhs and not vga.

        I have the same setup as you (only one screen though) but i could run a test on my system, to see if i too have this problem.

        What happens when you use vga and rca ?


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          Over Range....

          It's the same problem... When using RCA or S-Vhs....

          If I chose VGA and TV-Out, the VGA goes blank and a message turn up..
          "over range"


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            Have you got this working?
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              I have the same problem

              I am seeing the same problem using a lilliput 7" VGA and TV. As soon as the TV is turned on the VGA displays "over range"

              I have upgraded my bios, device driver and nothing has helped.

              Motherboard is a LV-602 with Prosavage PM133 Intergrated graphics running windows XP home.
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