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Some questions for Experts (Mercedes Install)

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  • Some questions for Experts (Mercedes Install)

    To all your experts

    I have several questions that I know (or at least hope) that you can help me with

    Status: I have a Mercedes E-class (MY 04). The car is equipped with the COMAND screen. This is a 6.4 video screen (see picture). It also have two video inputs. Since I travel a lot, I like to install a Carputer so that I can read my e-mails using Outlook Express, listen to MP3s etc.

    I plan on using an IBM Thinkpad A30 as the main computer. I also have an IBM docking station that supports DVI out.

    Since there is little room for a 7 Lilliput, my first choice would be to use the OEM COMAND screen. I dont think a VGA-to-Video converter will work due to the screen size, but is it a DVI-to-Video converter that will do the job?

    If I have to go for the Lilliput, my only possibility will be to mount it in portrait mode. Is it any software available that will support this? Will the touch screen work in portrait mode?

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    nVidia cards support rotation..
    Also touchscreen utilities support rotation!! So this should do for you!!

    But why destroy such a nice screen an setup?
    Go with a DVI-->video adapter or use a TV-out (if you have one)
    But with this you have no touchscreen features!!


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      Thank you for your reply. No, I never planned destroying this setup. The Lilliput would have to be mounted on a gooseneck in addition to this OEM screen.

      If the quality will be good using a DVI - Video converter, I will control the puter via a keypad.

      Will the DVI-Video converter produce better quality than VGA-Video converter?


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        I don't think you will seen any advantage of going DVI-composite or VGA-composite, you are still converting a digital signal to analog, they will probably result in the same picture. For example, I have a Radeon 7500 running 2 18" LCDs right now, one output is 15pin VGA to and the other is DVI which is then changed to 15pin VGA, both LCDs look identical the one that has the DVI output is no better than my other one with just VGA. Also for people with graphics cards that don't have rotating features in the driver I suggest Pivot Pro, it works very well and there's a free trial.
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          I agree!!! Both signals will be analog!!! So, you won't notice a difference!


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            I find text can be hard to read with an analog (composite) video. It's worth trying. It depends on how good the OEM screen is

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