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Speed camera detection software on laptop

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  • Speed camera detection software on laptop

    I am running mediacar on my laptop then using my lilliput screen to control it in my car.I just dont seem to be able to get any speed cam detection software to work quite right. I am using the data base for speed cams in england

    1. I have downloaded Evets speedcam 0.95 but when i click on it it tells me its a very old beta version Download new version.I click ok then comes up with an error Gps calculator has encountered a problem and needs to close.I am on windows xp and have tried it on 3 other machines.

    2. I am using a 2.6 pentuim laptop to run mediacar and sdk destinator 2. I am trying to run the speed camera add on and seems to work fine but when it comes to the voice directions it seems to stutter and miss the odd word out here and there.It works fine when i dont use the camera add on.
    I find it really good but now come across this flaw.

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    The destinator 2 sdk is terrible, you try to do anything with it and it ****s everything up.

    Unfortunately, it's (currently) the best that is out there and has applications written around it (although that is hopefully going to change soon!)

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      I have the same problem with my speedcam 0.95 software, and i cant run it anymore.
      Check out the forums for it and see if anyone is updating it!
      let me know too!


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          Ok - expiry date has been removed - just download again and overwrite old version - for people who are having problems I've put an install package together that should install the required DLL's and runtimes.
          If you ran previous version ok then you can just download the smaller pack.
          New version with some bug fixes will be ready in around 10 days.

          Speed camera detector for Windows, can work alongside any other GPS application(s);
          EvetS page


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            Do you know if there is a database for Greece also!!!!!!????