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In-dash Project Housing - Lilliput

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  • In-dash Project Housing - Lilliput

    Hi all,

    Has anyone done the DIY Lilliput into in-dash housing??

    If so how hard/what problems did you have??

    I have had a TS 7" lilliput for 1 year now with no problems mounted on a VDO quick release bracket (see pics in 'show off your projects') but would love to be able to fold away when not in use.

    Also looking for a soloution to run additional monitor in the back (not need TS)
    I am running an IBM T23 lappy with docking station in the boot so cant use additional VGA cards!
    maybe a VGA splitter??
    or a VGA to composite converter??



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    There are atleast three threads on the Lilliput in-dash housing conversion.



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      how are you dealing with shutdown (sleep)? Do you have to manually shut it down everytime, or is there something like the ITPS for a laptop?


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        Many thanks for the replys.....I will do some searching!!

        Cheifsalami: -
        When the laptop is in the car i do not need to shut it down as the DC charger stays on, i have left this for over a week without using the car with no problems. Also no cranking probs as the battery back it up. If i need to shut down i have wired into the power button on the docking station and mounted a push swith up front and set the laptop to shutdown when pressed. Also have a button connected via a relay to turn off the DC charger in the boot if not needed.