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  • Xenarc 700TSV 800x480 Support

    After reading some threads on the board with people saying they couldn't get the Xenarc 700 to do it's native 800x480 pixels I wrote Xenarc to see about support for that resolution.

    I was going to use a Micro ATX board with the Intel 865G (Intel Extreme (Ha!) Graphics 2) chipset but apparently:

    "Intel Extreme Graphics 2 doesn't support 800x480.

    Powerstrip supports most graphics chips. You should check their website for the supported graphic chips. Powerstrip does work with ATI Radeon."

    So I guess an add-in AGP card is the way to go. Still more wasted power ... damn.

    Also I asked about DVI ... which I figure would be nice for the long cable runs in the car:

    "We currently don't have plans to have a small size DVI monitor unless we see more demand."

    Ah well, worth a try.

    So is everyone w/ a Xenarc either using an AGP card or living with distorted screen geometry? What's worked for you?


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    I live with distorted geometry at 1024x768. I don't even notice it, the screens pretty small. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      i've just got a 700, but i don't know whitch way to go. I have a m10000 so i dont have an agp slot, and i dont think i have space enough in my car to mount a pci card. I've thought about trying to live with a disorted image, but if you use a 4:3 resolution on a 16:9 screen images will get quite f***ed up, especially while watching movies and so on. At the moment im running on 1280x768, which is the widest resolution the via graphic card supports. think it will stay like that... Sadly...
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        Have you tried Power Strip?
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          Originally posted by ppgt94
          Have you tried Power Strip?
          It doesn't do jack if the graphics chip that's on your motherboard won't actually do the resolution you want (in this case 800x480), you can install PowerStrip and do whatever you want, but it won't work.

          I use 800x600, and the skins I use for media applications are designed to be run on a Xenarc/Lilliput touchscreen running at 800x600, so when they're displayed on the Xenarc, they look right, but the look "stretched" on a normal display.

          Some video players (which includes AIMEE) will give you multiple aspect ratios for your videos, so you can display them at the correct aspect ratio on the display you've got and the resolution you're running Be it by putting black bars at the side, or stretching it out to full width and "cutting off" to top and bottom.

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            Yup, even if you have a supported card and you can set the 800x480 resolution (I could) then you are not finished. Even though it looked like the lilliput was displaying an 800x480 resolution it was stating 640x480 under 'info' on the lilliput. I haven't been able to get the lilliput to recognize the 800x480 resolution. I got it to recognize 848x480 once but it looked like crap.

            800x600 seems to be the best resolution for now. Now if we could get the exact timings/settings to get the lilliput to recognize the 800x480 that'd be a different story.
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              Manana: Though not pixel-for-pixel, I just realized that the 1280x768 you're running IS the same ratio as the Xenarc. (1280/768 = 1.667, 800/480 = 1.667) So maybe that's a way to go.

              Confused: I didn't know that the apps out there were actually designed to be used with the distorted aspect ratio. That's good to hear, but I'll probably be using other apps too.

              Sounds like these 7" "widescreens" are kinda unusually sized.

              Thanks for the info ... I'll get this project planned some day.


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                Yeah, i know. Both 800x480 and 1280x768 is 5:3 Exactly. But as you sad, it doesnt fit pixel by pixel. You get 1.6 "software pixels" per "hardware pixel". Whitch gets quite messy. I thougt about trying to reach 1600x960 instead (whitch is doubble as wide/high as 800x480) but i din't manage that either. Tought that would help, cus then u at least get an exact numer of pixels per pixel (in this case 4). W/e, don't know why im talking about this, cus it didnt even work =P
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