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Theory on why Lilliput touchscreens die

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  • Theory on why Lilliput touchscreens die

    I have a theory on why Lilliput touchscreens die.

    It goes something like this...

    The touchscreen is powered off of USB power, not LCD power, so it is on whenever the computer is on, regardless of whether or not the screen is on.

    The OPUS 150 PSU leaves USB devices powered even when the computer is turned off.

    Is it possible that everyone using an OPUS 150 or an OPUS 90 with standby power enabled could be burning out the touchscreen because it is always powered on?

    Just a theory, or maybe the touchscreens die because they really are crap.


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    Probably just because the touchscreens they use are crap.
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      mine died and i only had it on for a lil bit and i used the supplied AC power supply so...its just crap..i got a replacement though and its ok so far...knock on wood..

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        that would suck if I did a custom install hacking up the lilliput and it dying a week later.