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confused about Lilliput, XGA or VGA or both?

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  • confused about Lilliput, XGA or VGA or both?'s selling XGA, most of the other sellers listed VGA, are there 2 different models or just 1?

    i checked on Lilliput's website, there's only one 7" touch screen model listed

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    They're pretty much the same thing, if I'm not mistaken. A Lilliput 7" (the model I have) can support up to 1024x768. "SVGA" has been coined since it's adoption, it really means "beyond VGA". XGA means "higher res then VGA". Same.

    You should check the supported resolutions on their website to spot the differences.
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      SVGA = 800x600
      XGA = 1024x768

      But the lilliput VGA screens are all the same.
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