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Ideas for Mounting 7" LCD from Roof

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  • Ideas for Mounting 7" LCD from Roof

    Not trying to impress anyone. I had my 7" screen mounted with a bracket I made that puts it infront of my radio. Now I want to move it to the roof because my kids can't really see it from the back unless you're in the middle.
    It's a Ford X 00. I also want it to be visable for the front passenger.
    The problem is I have a sunroof. I'm thinking of going to AutoZone and seeing if I can make a mount with some super tough suction cups that can stick to my sunroof or using some type of mount like you get with a rear mirror.
    I hardly ever use my sun roof so I'm not worried about it.

    Any Ideas


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    why not just keep your lilliput where it is and buy a cheapy screen for the backseats?


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      I dont have a lilliput and I don't want to buy another screen when this one gets so little use except for when I have my kids. So any ideas?


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        umm... how about mounting it up near your dome lights?