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  • Lilliput buttons

    I have been looking at a xenark screen install in a 2003 350z. The person who did the install hid the buttons of the screen behind the dash. Now I am looking to do the same install with a lilliput. My question is how important are the buttons on the screen and how will it affect the use of the monitor if you can not use them.

    Hear is the install I'm refering to.
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    i only use the ir reciever on my setup. you can do all of the same funtions from the remote. check out my sig for more info.
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      i didn't really RTFP, and i could be wrong ... but

      i don't think that person really molded the screen to the dash so if need be they could slip something down in there and could hit the buttons. i wouldn't just because the day you need to use those buttons you'll be cursing as you tear your dash apart. there was a thread the other day where someone needed to adjust theirs when it was mounted in the dash like that.
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        yeah, i'd say your best bet is to do what darkhalo said, to relocate the IR reciever.