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My Speedo HUD...sort of

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  • My Speedo HUD...sort of

    I've mentioned before that I use my hand-held GPS as a speedo HUD. I also said I'd post some pictures. So here goes:

    This is the dash view (it's hard to take pics and drive). This is driving down my 900-foot driveway.

    This is a close-up of my GPS unit.

    Worth noting:
    -The screen has a backlight which is perfect brightness at night.
    -The screen is pretty customizable.
    -The text is about a 1/2" tall, so it's pretty big. (That's in "Large Text" mode, small text (which can still be read fine) can b used to allow for ALOT more data.
    -You can select waypaoints (either lat/lobg coordinates or via a curser on the map) and it will give you an ETA to waypoints or a milage to waypoints. It's a nice feature so you don't drive past your exit on a long trip because you are trying to decided on a visualization.
    -The text fields can be set to any of the following:
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    '04 Canyon 4x4 pickup

    [---PC on hold----working on external fiberglass "tool" box---]