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Making the lilliput brighter by overvolting...

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  • Making the lilliput brighter by overvolting...

    I recently broke my dc converter/egg. Ive found a replacement at the local electronics store for around $25 australian dollars, so Im ok. But Im thinking if I can overvolt the screen by say 1-1.5v then it will be brighter. I see a difference in brightness on the screen when in the car and Im sure its due to voltage variations, I have a cheap 240v inverter for the laptop that might be affecting the supply going to the lilliput, along with the other spikes, car running/not running etc. the screen seems to take all this ok, most devices are able to take at least 10% more voltage than they are rated at. I havent been able to find a 12v->13.5v converter though, you can get 15/16/17v converters for laptops but thats getting a bit high. What are anyones thoughts? anyone know where to get hold of a 13v converter?