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Is this VGA extension cable overkill?

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  • Is this VGA extension cable overkill?

    Or maybe it's not as good as another one I could get?

    btw: I have slight ghosting (which really isn't a big deal) and this terrible horizontal flickering that is directly proportionate to the volume of the music.

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    Sounds like a lot of money for a cable. I've got a 15' VGA cable hooked up to my Lilliput and no problems.

    You could try putting a filter on the power supply the screen...


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      Dude - $120 for a 9 foot "better" cable????!!!! Are they out of their mind? Is there gold woven into their cables????



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        No, it's $130 for a 6.5' extension. And no again, the conductors are coated in silver.

        Someone who knows something about cables, please chime in. Thanks.


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          for that price that cale better run itself and help clean my car at the same time. My cable cost be 10 bucks and its 15ft. and I get a perfect picture.


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            I know that you'll likely get a worse video signal because of power interference than a long vga cable. is a good place. i picked mine up there, along with other cables i needed, cheap shipping. just make sure you aren't running a power cable right next to your vga cable and you should be fine. A clean power source will fix most of your video distortion problems.


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              There are plenty of people here that know plenty about cables - gold has a lower resistance than many other metals. Its a better conductor. that means better signal.

              the chart they link to is b.s. - besides , there are many other variables.

              The site pushes its stuff to home theatre & long distance runs - Video scallers and switchers - this is equipment that is used in A/v production. I used to work for a production company - cables like these would be used for a 150 ft run where we were connecting a laptop through a video switcher to a LCD projector on the other side of the room - in these situations, quality is verry importiant, but even more so, long cable runs pick up noise Inductance brings in RF noise and log runs near ac power can pick up hum off the power lines. That is the intended use for these cables.

              I promise you - for the 15 feet or so that you are going to need - you will never notice the difference between a 15.00$ cable and a 150.00$ cable.

              I recomend
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                Call Cables Plus in Norcross, GA. Talk to Richard. He can get you any cable you want, any length, and has excellent prices. I get all our cables from him, have for years, never had one problem. If you need the number, PM me.
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                  There are plenty of people here that know plenty about cables - gold has a lower resistance than many other metals. Its a better conductor. that means better signal.
                  actually that is a common misconception.... most of the high end connectors are gold plated not because it is more conductive, but gold is the most resiliant to corrosion, therefore the connector will last much longer than if it were say made out of copper...
                  Silver has the best transfer of electrons.

                  "Copper, of course, has a characteristic color which most people recognize. It is one of the best electrical conductors and resists corrosion from most acids (except nitric and hot concentrated sulfuric). When exposed to the elements for a period of time it develops a greenish coating or patina which is copper(II) carbonate, a protective coating that prevents further wear. " hence the corrosion problems

                  "Pure silver metal is the best conductor of heat and electricity. Pure silver would be too soft for jewelry and utensils so it is usually alloyed with at least one other metal. Sterling silver, for example, is usually about 93% silver and 7% other metals, mostly copper."

                  "Gold is a very good conductor and is often used to plate electrical contacts since it resists corrosion so well. It also is a good reflector of heat-carrying infra-red radiation."--------

                  now on the topic of the cable mentioned above, most likely that is a five wire coax cable which in any instance were you need high quality video and want to limit the signal degragation over a greater distance than 6ft you would want to use this type of cable....on the other hand that is quite expensive for that type of cable....

                  look for something like this:

                  I can make these too if you need one, I have the supplies to do so


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                    I ordered a vga extension from and that elliminated the ghosting. I got rid of the horizontal flickering my by running a new ground for the Lilliput egg and also grounding the outer shielding of 9 pin mini din coming from the Lilliput. (I just wrapped a wire around the outside of the connector and then stuck into the VGA/USB cable.)


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                      Good man, you saved your self a huge chuck of money. I would not have even considered the orignal cable you listed.
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