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Sun damage to lilliput

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  • Sun damage to lilliput

    Has anyone experienced damage to a lilliput screen or similar on a hot day parked in a car park? Is this is something I should be worrying about??

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    Yep, if the sun can see it, so can sticky fingers...

    '94 320i


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      I would like to know the answer to this as well. I not consirned too much about the light because the screen will be cover, I worried about the heat that is created on a hot summer day. Will this have any affect on the screen?
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        I've had mine exposed in my car half the summer without any problems.


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          I live in central florida and the heat inside the car is so intense that my dash covering is peeling off but my screen keeps ticking along
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            it should not damage it


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              It doesn't hurt...

              But you know what? I figured out a really good way to cover up the screen from both the sunlight and thieves...

              I bought a ProClip which creates a mount between the dash and the space above the glove box.
              I went to Wal-Mart and spent $1 for one of those really cheap cd holders that go over the visor in your car (with elastic bands). I cut it to fit the Lilliput and now I just slide it on and off the screen. Covers it from the sun, and I leave 2 cds in the cover to make it seem as if I just had the creative idea of placing a cd holder there...


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                Cool, except that some day some kid will break into your car to steal the two CDs ;-)
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