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know what a logic analyzer is? please help

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  • know what a logic analyzer is? please help

    This is for a 2004 Acura TL non-navi

    quoted from whatacar on
    My plan is to tap the bus from the Car central CPU that comes into the HVAC LCD and design an interface that outputs the LCD information in the form of a baseband video signal that can be connected to the Lilliput graphic LCD video input. This way, by switching between the video input and VGA input from the PC, one can display the standard HVAC LCD info without mucking with the PC software. If the PC crashes, I still have my HVAC info.

    Once we know how the bus sends information to the HVAC display, it can be displayed on the graphic LCD in any number of ways. It could be always on in a window of it's own. It all depends on reverse engineering the CPU display bus. I can put a logic analyzer that should tell me what the bus is sending to the display. Hope they have not made it too complex.

    Do you know what a logic analyzer is and how it could be used to make this happen?

    Do you know of anyone that might have used a logic analyzer for this same purpose?
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    basicaly, a logic analyser is the digital equivalent of an oscillisocpe, they come with a lot of leads to connect up to data busses.
    so to use one, you connect the analyser up to a clock, and some data lines, thhen each timethe clock toggles it will sample the state of the data lines, then display the collected information on screen.

    so you can use them to find out exactaly what was transmitted on a a bus, as this guy was planning, the use tha collected data to reverse engineer and interface for the lcd.

    hope this helps


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      You can find lots of logic analyzers on Ebay if you want to get an idea of what they look like.