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Where To Put LCD On Murano?

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  • Where To Put LCD On Murano?

    I own a Nissan Murano 2004 SL in a Pewter color finish with black Interior...I dont have a Color Screen nor GPS factory installed Murano. Thats where this project falls into play...I want to have GPS, MP3's as well as the option for DVD movie playback. I have found a small enough pc that uses DC power and small enough to fit right under the Gear shifter so that it would not be exposed to an outsider.

    Check out the small pc below

    My question to you guys are:

    Where would you Place a 7" LCD?

    this was the only picture I could find of a Murano that shows the entire dash..Remember mine does not have a Color Screened GPS...

    I want the LCD to look like its factory installed not hanging out or just placed anywhere.

    Many Thanks In Advanced!!!

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    Um, how bout in the place where the lcd would go if you did you NAV. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      I still need to have the same functions that the current screen gives me now. eg: AC temp. for inside, Outside Temp. radio station that currently on and some reminders on when to do a Oil change tire rotation etc...

      If I can some how get that info to work with the CarPC that would be Perfect...


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        Pull out the head unit. That's a perfect place and begging for a touchscreen.

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          You go use a video converter. Follow LINK

          It lets you keep you factory navigation with all its settings and you could use the same screen to input the video from you computer. The only problem is, if you have a touch screen on the factory navigation systes, you will not have touch screen with the compter.
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            Remember I dont have a Color Nav Screen...that video converter would only work if I had a Color Nav Screen...Am I right? ....if i'm wrong then this would be perfect....


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              Here's a pic of a Murano interior without NAV, this is what yours looks like right?

              Looks like the current screen has display/controls for both the stock hu and ac/heat. Tough one, I'll leave the adivce to the pros but just figured I'd help with posting the pic.



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                yup screen looks just like yours....



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                  Put a 7" Xenarc in the 2 DIN factory stereo location.
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                    I own a 2003 Murano and I know exactly the pain you are going through or will have to go through .. Installing a screen anywhere in the portion where the radio interface is today technically renders the car unusable .. all the climate controls, tuner functionality etc, are tied to a processing unit in the factory screen so unless you find a way to learn how to tap into climate control and such, you will just have to live with finding another way .. its all one bug chunk, check out (thanks to jaak However I have just completed almost 95% of integrating a carPC with GPS, MP3 functionality and the such into my murano by relocating the orange factory non-nav screen to the space right behind the gear knob and put a 7" lilliput in the place of the factory screen. i have managed to hide all my installation nicely and working on auto startup now for my laptop and also cosmaetically taking care of filling the gap of were the facotry screen went into. I will post some pics when I get a chance. good luck, it shouldnt be that bad.
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                      Im really interested on how this Murano install was done. Can someone email me falcindor @


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                        i've seen a local member install a pretty sweet setup. He actually installed the screen UNDERNEATH the center console (right in front of the shifter). It looked like a low place. .. which could be, but it looked pretty clean and sweet.
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                          Do you have contact info for that person. I like the setup in the pic. Its in the factory LCD spot. Do you know whos setup that is. I just want instructions so I can give it to an custoom shop so they can hook me up.


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                            his member name here is Zebelkhan
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                              in my case (Lexus RX300) I just install original screen in safety place in my car and point a regular CCTV camera on it. So I can watch info from it on my Liliput tru Video in

                              But it is realy crazy idea because of the quality.
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