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character LCD's. your thoughts? ideas?

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  • character LCD's. your thoughts? ideas?

    this is what I'm thinking for the 80 El Dorado. one 7'' vga/xvga touch-screen in the front for gps,back-up,etc. Two tft screens in either the headrests or fold-down, running seperately from the front, but both showing the same image. And six character lcds.

    One pair for the front and two pairs for the rear. One screen from each pair would be for streaming/showing some sort of information (temp,fans,mp3's,maybe even news headlines,etc.), and the other would be an equaliser. The cadillac has a pretty roomy back seat, so I dont think it would look too crowded with all the seperate screens. But thats what this post is for, to get feedback on the character LCD's. I hope to mount them so you wont even realise they are there till they're on. I also have no idea if all six would have to be powered seperately or spliced together, or even the volts,amps,etc. they would require.

    I'm not trying to "bling" out the car that much, and I'm not trying to be "seen" . You guys know what I mean. The box chevys on 26 inch rims, four thousand T.V's, L.V interior, and crystal clear windows so you can see who's driveing it. I just think it would be cool to try.

    Any and all comments would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks again to all who are residents at, without this site, I never would have had the knowlage or the confidence for these projects. much love to you all.
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    As far as that goes, I think that LCD's require communication back to the computer, so I don't know how that would work, unless you had a separate port for each one. I really don't know. Sounds like a really cool idea though, like you could have the time, temp inside, temp outside, date, song playing, cpu temp, cpu load, all kinds of crap on them LCDs. I'd do it, but I only have one LCD, and HATE soldering... but don't want to pay the bucks to get them already ready. yeah.

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      You can try USB LCDs from Crystalfontz.. I have a pair!! NO extra power required... But it will slow down your boot time!!


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        I'm planning on installing a 16x2 lcd charactor screen to replace my existing clock lcd. I want to display time/date info along with some minimal OBD-II information. I think once you get started you'll realize how much money and time it will really require to get this stuff working. So start basic and work your way up.


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