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  • Intec 5" LCD

    Has anyone tried to do the PS One hack on one of these LCD's? I recently picked up one from Toy R Us and want to mod it, for use with my Car PC. I have searched this site and have not found anything. I want to know if I will be the first to do this hack. I will try and post picks of all the PCB board. I know I can just you the standardized 12 pin connection from the PS one, but it leaves me to deal with 2 extra boards. would like to stream line the VGA connections straight to the daughter board on the LCD itself. Any info would be very useful. I am also trying to locate schematics of all the circuit boards to see if I can elimate anything. The circuit board for the LCD are made my Casio. I have been to Intec's site, and they don't even list this LCD screen, which I find very odd.

    Here is a link to the actual item I have.

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    I think you need to refine your searching skills... I searched "playstation" and found tons of related threads. Lots of people have used PSOne screens. You should know though that you're not going to have very good quality as it is a composite screen.


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      I know there is plenty on the PS One screen from SONY, I have only found one post about the Intec screen and the person gave up on modding it, and instead got a different screen. As far as quality, I am doing the VGA mod, and it says on the box that the LCD is TFT. I have seen plenty of picture of these small screens, and the clarity is pretty good, when done with the VGA mod.


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        OK so I spent some time tonight tracing out the pins from the 12 pin connector that meets with the PSone. These 12 pins enter one board that also houses the RCA and S-Video in's. This is then connected to another board which is then connected to the LCD itself. From what i can tell, the Composite video remains uneffected up to the LCD. Red, Green and Blue arejust connected to the Multi-A/V out, as a pass though. I also did some wed searching on a number I found on a sticker on the LCD. Its got Casio chips in it, and the sticker has this number: CMV54NT04P. Which when searched says its an STN Lcd.

        What really gets my goat, is that it states on the front of the box, "LCD TFT Color Monitor Provides Better Game Graphics Than TV". So either they have made some changes, or they lied.


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          it could be an STN controller board (from an older model) but a with a TFT screen. a few years ago you could choose between STN, or TFT on your laptop and most of the time all they did was swap the screens, now TFT is the only thing sold


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            Does anyone have any tricks on how to get a schematic for the Intec 5" LCD. I think I would be able to get it to work if I could find the inputs for RGB. I know from the STN block diagram, that the RGB and C-Sync are inputed to the LCD controller board, but there are 4 boards before the PCB board on the back of the LCD itself. Please Help!!!! I promise to document everything, if I get it to work, and post it here, as another option for cheap LCD screens.