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Can a PC's video out kill a mobile LCD

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  • Can a PC's video out kill a mobile LCD

    Reason I'm asking: Already on my second LCD in less than 1 month (warranty).
    You know, the disposable cheapie LCD's that I plan on putting in the back.

    1. When a DVD player is connected the picture is crisp,clear _ perfect. No probs.
    2. Same DVD via video out from the PC, faint lines, random distortion, BLUR, big difference.

    Is the computer killing the LCD's? Is tv out that bad for a LCD?

    FWIW the videocard is an ATI 9600 256MB, running off an Athalon 2500XP, 512MB ect... and yes powerstrip is installed.

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      TV out never will look very good on still pictures (like a static desktop) try running a movie on it.. it should look alot better

      text always sucks on tv out... just lettin ya know :P


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        I just wanted to know if TV out can theoretically kill a LCD. This is what my dealer told me, after he replaced my brand new screen under warranty ... after a few weeks of use.

        I know, TV out sucks cox. Cheaper than running vga in the headrests.


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          [H]4 Life
          My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
          It will be done sometime in the next generation.
          I'm a lesbian too.
          I am for hire!


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            a ha... that's what I was thinking,...


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              All the TV out does is convert the video signals to a resolution that can be seen easily on a standard TV, or on an LCD with RCA input. Your quality of image will vary greatly depending on the size of the LCD panel. On a regular tube type TV, it does not matter how big or small, the image will appear the same. TV out on a PC is generally 325 lines, which matches a TV, but is usually unacceptable for an lcd. To answer your question, no, TV out is not the cause of your lcd failures. Promlems usually arise from using cheap equipment, or more often, from poor, unregulated power.


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                Just throwing out ideas but maybe there is a conflict with PAL and NTSC standards which is causing the problem?


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                  The power input may kill monitor. The TV-out should not kill it.

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                    Try a stand-alone VGA to TV converter, something good too, no $70 piece of junk. Like a Tview Gold, they're about $150 or so.

                    Try RevFE
                    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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                      Thanks for the suggestions...